by James Lindsay

Summer has hit in Australia! For many of us that means festivities, a few extra cocktails, sand, salt water and sun. We’re not about telling you not to enjoy the spoils of summer, but we are about equipping you with what you need to look after your skin all year around. Here are some of our summer must haves…

Hydrate from the inside out

We are absolutely loving our Drop Bottle These bottles are designed to make getting your minimum H2O intake per day easy. You can pop your favourite fruit into your bottle for an instant flavour and vitamin boost.

Slip, slop, slap on a hat

Our go-to brand for hats at the moment is Lack of Colour. They have so many styles to choose from but our favourites are anything with a brim. The brim is in!

Stay fresh and fabulous

Our Botany Naturals Hydratying Mist is a handbag (or beach bag) essential. Spritz onto your face and neck to an instant refresh. This toning mist soothes the skin and protects against environmental pollutants with natural antioxidants.

Change those bed sheets more regularly

Hot nights can also make for restless nights and a sweatier body means sheets and pillowcases get dirty quicker. If you need an excuse to change your sheets this season just check out Adairs’ range of sheets and pillowcases!

Exfoliate the dead skin away

Our Mineral Rich Exfoliant can be used on your face to gently remove dead skin cells. It moisturises, smoothes and hydrates the skin while cleansing the pores and refreshing your complexion. For the rest of your body, our delicious smelling Body Polish with papaya, grapefruit and frangipani is perfect. Sounds good enough to eat!

Happy summer, and happy skin!


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